We are very happy for you to call or email us with any questions, however we have also put together some popular questions with our answers which may help with your query.

Please call on 01252 810973 or email us at info@schoolfundraisingcompany.co.ukand we will be pleased to help.




Q: How do I register?
A : Please register using our online form http://www.schoolfundraisingcompany.co.uk/Register.aspx?bRegister=1  You will then receive an email confirmation and, from September onwards, the Design Sheets will be sent to you by return.

Q : Is there a minimum number of pupils that can participate?
A : Yes. We require a minimum of 50 children to take part, although there is no minimum order requirement.  If you have less than 50 children, please visit our sister company www.rudolphcards.co.uk

Q :Can groups other than schools participate?

A : Yes. Any group that has more than 50 children participating can take part.  (There is no minimum order just a minimum participation of 50).  If you have less than 50 children, please visit our sister company www.rudolphcards.co.uk

Q : How quickly are the Design Sheets sent out?
A : From September onwards, once you have registered the Design Sheets will be sent to by return.


Products and Prices


Q : How much do you charge for your packs of 12 cards?
A : The school pays £5.00 for a pack of 12 cards, parents pay £6.50 allowing the school to raise £1.50 per pack. This includes provide a Proof Christmas Card for every child.  .

Q : Are other products available?
A : Yes, the children’s designs can also be produced on to ceramic Mugs, self adhesive gift labels, gift tags and bookmarks.

Q : Do you print on the inside of the cards?
A : Yes, the inside of the cards is printed with a greeting set by the organiser and must be the same on all cards in the same school.

Q: Is there a choice of greetings?
A: Yes, there is a choice of four different greetings, or you can write your own custom greeting,
alternatively the inside can be left blank.


The Artwork


Q : The school has run out of the Design Sheets.  What do we do?
A : Please just photocopy the Design Sheets on to paper. If you require quite a few please let us know and we will post them out to you.

Q : Do you accept children’s artwork which is not on one of your Design Sheets?
A : Please give us a call and we will be able to help.

Q : Can the schools submit artwork for cards for any occasion?
A : Yes, absolutely. We offer a custom greeting option, just adjust the greeting inside the card
accordingly, i.e. for Thank You Cards.

Q : What drawing materials can the children use to create the artwork?
A : Please use felt tip pens, crayons or colouring pencils and water-based paint.  No stuck on items or glitter.



Q : How do we return the completed Design Sheets?
A : We provide you will a FREE Prepaid Returns Label.  You simply package the Design Sheets up in the bag provided and take to the Post Office.

Q : Is there a deadline date for the school organiser to send back the Design Sheets to you?
A : No, there is not a set deadline, however we suggest the latest date for returning design sheets is mid-November to ensure delivery of products by Christmas.

Q : Do you accept late artwork?
A : Yes, just log into our website and the late Design Sheets can be uploaded. If we haven’t yet printed your proof cards we will include the late designs in the print run, otherwise we will email you back the design and an order form to print out and to give to the parents.




Proofs & Orders


Q: Do you send out Proof Christmas cards?
A : Yes, we print a proof card for every child. This includes an order form inside for parents to complete and return to the school organiser.

Q : Once the Design Sheets are returned how long does it take to produce the Proof Cards?
A : The Proof Christmas Cards will be delivered back to you approximately 7 Days from receiving the
Design Sheets. You will receive an email notification when we have received the Design Sheets and again once the Proofs are despatched.

Q : How do parents place their order?
A: The school organiser sends the proof cards home to the parents. The parents complete the order form inside the proof card and return to the school with their payment.

Q : Who should parents make their cheques payable to?
A: Parents make the cheques payable to the school. The school/PTA collects and banks all the money.  The order form inside the proof card will include details of who cheques should be made payable to.  The organiser sets this up online.

Q : A child’s name is spelt incorrectly on their proof card, what can I do?
A : The parents are asked to make any amendments on the reverse of the proof card and the school
organiser can correct the name when placing the order online. They can also write a comment if an image needs adjusting.

Q : How does the school organiser place the order?
A :Orders are placed online by logging into the school account and clicking Status & Order. Here there is  an order form for each class, listing all the children’s names.  There is also an alphabetical list. Orders can be added in as and when they come in and they will automatically be saved online.  Once the order is complete the Submit Order button sends the data through for printing..

Q : Can the school place additional orders?
A : Yes. Additional orders will be accepted until 5thDecember.  Although the first order is delivered Free of Charge, additional orders are subject to a £5.99 processing and delivery charge, irrespective of the quantity of cards/mugs ordered.


Delivery and Payment


Q : How long does delivery of the cards take?
A : Once you have placed your order it will take approximately 7 days to print and despatch. You
will receive status updates as your order progresses.



Q : When and how do we pay you?
A : An order summary and invoice is sent immediately via e-mail, after each order is placed, so that a cheque or bank transfer can be prepared by the school/PTA.  Full payment is due once you have received delivery of the cards