Christmas Card and Mug Project 

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We create high quality, personalised packs of CHRISTMAS CARDS, featuring each pupils individual festive design. The designer's name and class details are shown on the reverse of the Christmas cards along with the School name and logo. The school also have a choice of inside greeting.


A FREE proof Christmas Card is sent home to parents of EVERY child - there is no obligation to purchase - parents have the opportunity to order packs of cards, folded gift tags, bookmarks, self-adhesive gift stickers & mugs - this raises money for your school! There are no upfront costs for the school or PTA, as you pay us from the monies already collected from parents!


Just think, an average sized Primary school of 300 pupils can easily raise over £400! You just need a minimum of 50 children to take part! *If you have less than 50 children please visit ....we have an alternative Christmas Card fundraiser which might suit you better!


LOOK how much money you Raise!


12 Pack of Cards costs the school £5.00,

parents pay £6.50 & your school earns £1.50 


8 Pack of Cards costs the school £4.00,

parents pay £5.00 & your school earns £1.00



As an alternative to simply purchasing a pack of cards, parents can purchase a fabulous personalised Bonus Pack which contains 8 or 12 Christmas Cards along with the following matching items - 16 Self-adhesive Gift Stickers, 10 Folded Card Gift Tags & 5 Book Marks – all personalised with the child’s own design and name.

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12 Card Bonus Pack

costs school £11.00,

parents pay £13.00

and £2.00 goes to your school

Pack of 12 Christmas Cards

16 Self-adhesive Gift Stickers

10 Folded Card Gift Tags

5 Book Marks


8 Card Bonus Pack 

costs school £10.00,

parents pay £11.50

and £1.50 goes to your


Pack of 8 Christmas Cards

16 Self-adhesive Gift Stickers

10 Folded Card Gift Tags

5 Book Marks



In addition or as an alternative to the Christmas Cards, parents can also purchase mugs printed with their child's festive design.  Mugs are printed with the designer's name and come in individual boxes.School Fundraising Mug 02.jpg

Each Mug costs the school £4.50,

parents pay £6.50

and £2.00 goes to your school

Bright white glazed ceramic 10oz mug,

Printed in England.


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  • Timescales - The project takes approx 4 to 6 weeks from Registering to receiving your final printed products.
  • You can choose your own deadlines at your School/Nursery - we suggest the latest date for returning design sheets is mid November to ensure delivery of products by Christmas.
  • Each Child Designs their own special Card on design sheets supplied!


  • Free Proof for Every Child - no child is left out!
  • Choice of Inside Greeting & Card Border for your School!
  • Child/School Details/Logo printed on the back!
  • Free Return of Design Sheets and Delivery of Order within the UK!
  • No up-front Financial Outlay to the School - you pay us once you have banked all the money from parents!
  • Simple On-line Ordering System - no childrens names to input - we do it for you!
  • We aim for a 7 day card turnaround (Mugs take approx 2 weeks to print and deliver)



Register TODAY! 



TIMESCALES/This is How it Works!


Now - Register your School on-line (minimum of 50 children taking part) and receive your log-in password for your school control panel. If you don't have 50 children - please visit our sister company


Design Sheets for each pupil and all information needed will be dispatched to you by return (These can be photocopied if extras are required)


Week 1/2 - Children create one Christmas design each using felt-tips, water based paint or coloured pencils.  If you want to use collage - please contact us.


Week 2/3 - Organiser packs up the designs securely and pops in the post box or drops at the post office - attaching the PRE-PAID RETURN LABEL PROVIDED.  Whilst logged in you can choose a border for the cards, your choice of greeting, upload your school logo (if required), and tell us the name to be printed on the order form for parents to pay their cheques to. 


Week 3/4 - Free proofs and order forms for each child are delivered to your school - this usually takes approx 7 days from receipt of designs.


Parents/children return the completed order forms/payment to the school and all money is banked by the school


Week 4/5 - Organiser logs into our website, where the secure Master Order Form shows pupils listed alphabetically by class and also as a full A-Z list of pupils. The organiser simply enters order quantities, makes any spelling amendments if necessary and submits the order on-line


An order summary and invoice is sent immediately via e-mail so that a cheque or bank transfer can be prepared by the school/PTA.  Full payment is due once you have received delivery of the cards


Week 5/6 - Finished packs of cards are delivered to the school -  this usually takes 7 days

 (PLEASE NOTE - Mugs will arrive separately - approx 2 weeks delivery time) 

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