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Thank you for your help & support in helping your School/PTA to raise funds through this creative art project.

The feedback we have received from the thousands of schools we have worked with over several years, is that the children love to take part & enjoy seeing their own work and name in print – a real confidence boost!  Parents also enjoy sending the cards & mugs to friends & family whilst supporting their school at the same time!


The children will all get to see their work and name in print on their very own proof card, whether or not parents choose to buy anything.

Teachers tell us that they generally incorporate the children’s designing in to an Art lesson & that a class theme works really well so that no-one is stuck for ideas. For example, if the children all make a sponge-print snowman on a blue background – even though the class designs all look similar when seen together, the parents only see their own child’s design. So, one good idea can be spread throughout the whole class & each of the children make the design unique to them!

If you are stuck for ideas then please download our Junior Powerpoint Presentation  to show on your white board to give the children some ideas for their Christmas Cards, alternatively, for the younger pupils, download our Infant/Nursery Powerpoint Presentation


Further notes for your guidance....


1. Each Design Sheet is A4 and has clear instructions at the top and space underneath for the children to draw their design in a landscape format.

2. Please only allow the children to submit ONE design using FELT-TIP PENS, WATER-BASED PAINTS  or COLOURED PENCILS (press hard please!) - No other art medium is suitable for processing!

3. Encourage the children to think carefully about their designs and to perhaps have a practice. The best designs are bright and bold and use lots of colour. Cover as much of the white space as possible. Please discourage scribbling!  Parents will not buy scribbles - they may be unhappy that their child wasted this special opportunity and the children will probably be unhappy with the results too!

4. If children are writing their own greeting on the card - please ensure it is at least 1cm in from the edge of the black box!

5. Please ensure that designs are kept flat and not damaged as this could show up on the finished cards.

6. We hope that you enjoy this Christmas Card Project with your class, your support will ensure that the children will be proud of their designs and in turn will help maximise the funds raised for your school!Why not create a Christmas Card design yourself - simply include it with your class's designs!





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