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School Fundraising Company is a trading name of Doodlecats Limited. SFC was established in 2005 by Julie Burton and Ruth James, both PTA Members/Chairs at their own children's schools. The knowledge they had gained helping busy PTA's over the years,  their own wealth of experience in running their own businesses, along with an ambition to encourage children's artistic skills in the classroom, put them in a great position to help other Schools and PTA's all over the UK to raise funds successfully. 


We are proud to have raised in excess of 2.4 MILLION POUNDS for UK PTA's!


SFC offers Schools and PTA's easy, straightforward ways to raise much needed funds via tried and tested national artistic projects. These projects are popular with pupils, parents and organisers alike and their success has placed SFC as the number one choice of Fundraising Partner in the UK for many thousands of Schools for many years. SFC is also an LEA & County Council approved supplier.

Drawing from their own personal PTA experience, the staff at SFC know how challenging fundraising can be!  So, they try to make it easy for you! They understand that schools and PTAs don't want to have huge upfront costs or be left with products that they cannot sell, as this defeats the whole object of fundraising!

Volunteers who take on the invaluable PTA roles are usually very busy people who want to do the very best for their school community.  SFC offer fundraising projects that are straightforward to follow, enjoyable to manage, good fun for the children to be involved in, time effective and profitable.

All the SFC products are produced using high quality, ethically sourced materials and are offered at a price which gives excellent value for money to parents, whilst raising sizeable amounts for school funds. 


We use state of the art, high-end, Xerox igen digital print machines to ensure sharp colour, speed, and accuracy.....Every piece of artwork that the pupils produce from your school, will be carefully handled and processed by our dedicated team.....






Our experienced packing staff, carefully check and pack up the cards around the clock to ensure they are delivered to you on time...... Parcelforce and  Royal Mail are our preferred delivery partners. 



Thank You for Choosing SFC as your fundraising partner.

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